My approach in therapy is to recognize the other person as whole and to move with them toward recognizing their wholeness.
This way of working is founded on what I have learned in two decades of practicing acupuncture, which has given me great confidence in people’s ability to move toward a state of balance and health. My approach to therapy draws on Mindfulness Based, Gestalt, Somatic, Feminist, Psychodynamic and Narrative practices.

My focus is on the treatment of adults of all genders.

Issues addressed include: difficulties with work, conflict in intimate relationships, childhood trauma, issues around giving and receiving care and love, issues related to LGBTQ identity, chronic pain and illness, somatic issues related to stress, self defeating behavior, loneliness, fear, depression, anxiety and professional burnout, and challenges related to professional and personal growth.

I cultivate compassion and responsibility with and in the clients I see. We work hard, but kindly, looking at patterns of thought, emotion, energy and action that are stuck in some way – making it difficult to have ease and stability or to make personal or professional transitions. We use body awareness to bring awareness to the mind. We look at the present moment and the choices currently available. We may also consider the past, considering how may learn to suffer or cope with challenges in a certain way in childhood, when we really don’t have choices, and then experience ourselves as not having a choice in adulthood. Our work together builds the awareness of new choices and possibilities for freedom and growth.

One of my interests is in care giving, burnout and personal history that may complicate the caregiving role. Past trauma, as well as difficulties inherent in the caregiving professions can set people up for personal unhappiness, exhaustion and professional burnout. And yet, there is a lot of energy and potential bound up in this suffering. I am inspired by the unfolding I have witnessed in the people I work with, the unfolding of self confidence, self expression and the enhanced ability to love, to work and to thrive.

It seems to me that it is really difficult to tell from reading text on a website whether I would be helpful to you as a therapist.

I encourage you to give me a call at 215-545-7040 to set up a time to talk on the phone, or to email me at