Supporting Yoga with Acupuncture – Heather Shultz

As a long time yoga practitioner I know the joys and challenges of regular practice. I love how yoga keeps me strong and flexible enabling my active lifestyle. The practice also creates space in my day for quiet reflection and gratitude. I feel my best with regular practice. I am also well acquainted with the things that challenge my practice. Every yoga practitioner will have aches, pains and injuries at some point. Some pain is unavoidable and the result of the change practice brings to our bodies. This doesn’t mean we need to suffer.  As an acupuncturist I rely on occasional acupuncture treatments to keep things running smoothly. When my knee or wrist starts to feel sore or tight I might modify my practice and get some acupuncture to cut down on the inflammation and help with healing.

A few years ago when my low back was causing me lots of pain and discomfort I used acupuncture to help release the muscle spasms and bring awareness to that part of my body which was neglected. Acupuncture can be very helpful with moving us past wherever we get stuck, whatever our practice may be. When things are going smoothly occasional treatment can keep us on track to reach our goals.