Small increase in fees coming on November 9th, 2015


Open City Healing Arts is in the process of renewing  its lease.  That’s good news; we’ll keep providing high quality affordable acupuncture care in Center City.   However, the reality is that our rent has gone up significantly. We do our best to keep costs down, but in order to stay in practice, have to raise our fees.   I have consulted with some of you about this.  The response I got was that a small increase would not affect people’s ability to get care.  I was touched by how warm the response was.  It means a lot to us to be able to do this work, and to be a part of your health and wellbeing.

If this increase does affect your ability to afford our services, please call and speak to Laura.


Below are the fees as of November 9th, 2015


Gross Income level Open Room

Acupuncture Treatment

Intake and 1st treatment
Less than $30,000 $38 $58
Less than$40,000 $48 $68
More than $40,000 $55 $75


Additional treatments in the same calendar week will be provided at a $10 discount.

Private Treatment $98
Intake and 1st treatment $118


There is a $3 discount for payment with cash or a check.