Private Treatment

Many patients chose to begin treatment at Open City by coming in for private treatment initially and then switching to Open Room.  Others decide that private treatment works best for them.  And some chose to have an occasional private treatment to deepen the treatment they are receiving in the Open Room.

In private treatment there is more time available for conversation. Laura is an effective counselor, with a Masters degree in Social Work, and uses these skills in private sessions when it is useful. The time can also be used for herbal consultation, nutritional advice, or teaching qi gong or simple meditation. There is is also time for treatment on both sides of the body.

While a series of sessions may be necessary for effective treatment of complex problems, individual sessions in the series are likely to generate a profound relaxation response. People describe feeling calmer and sleeping more deeply after treatment.

Follow-up Care

Each session includes planning with each patient how they are going to support their health sessions. We may discuss diet, time management, exercise, work or personal issues.