Mindfulness Class

Mindfulness Class for People in Caring Professions 


People in caring professions such as teaching, social work and medicine are not often taught how to care and maintain balance for themselves, despite the multiple stresses this work can involve.  Left untended, stress leads to fatigue, irritability and burnout.

In this workshop participants will learn simple mindfulness practices, and participate in facilitated conversation about sources of stress, and about mindfulness as a means of stress management and self care.  


Participants will

  • learn simple sitting meditation.  
  • learn simple qi gong, a form of moving meditation.
  • Engage in conversation about sources of stress at work, participants will explore a range of stress responses, both physical and emotional.  We will discuss cultural and professional messages about stress, pain and caregiving.  We will examine burnout as a risk in the caring professions.  
  • Participants will learn techniques to bring mindfulness to daily life, to work and to stressful situations at work. Although these techniques can be taught to our students and patients, the focus of this class is on caring for the self while caring for others.
  • Commit to practicing daily.

Upcoming Class Dates: TBA

A  student says: “I highly recommend this class. Laura brings in just the right amount of variety and patient presence. The meditation is simple – anyone can do it- and having a knowledgeable guide makes all the difference.”