Acupuncture is remarkable for its ability to return the body to a state of balance, whether by calming the spirit, clarifying the mind or relaxing the body. At Open City I see this every day.
Sleep improves, energy returns, mental fog lifts. Sometimes the change is very specific and measurable – for example in the relief of muscular pain, asthmatic breathing or migraines, and sometimes it is more subtle. Many times patients return to me at the suggestion of a partner who says “Go see Laura. You do better when you are seeing her.”

Acupuncture as a system depends on the fact that in the body, everything is connected. The muscles of the body are woven together in a richly multidimensional structure. We treat the back of the skull and see the achilles tendon relax. We treat the shoulder and see the gluteus maximus release. As the body responds, the mind and spirit follow. Understanding the pathways of the meridians gives the acupuncturist a map of the body, and many ways to design an effective treatment. It may seem mysterious in some ways, but it is no more mysterious than the way everything is connected.
Used regularly, acupuncture improves a person’s ability to cope with stress and strengthens the immune system. How acupuncture works, despite all kinds of research, remains a subject of debate. That acupuncture is useful is clear. And that it happens in the context of a relationship between the practitioner and the patient is also very clear. I look forward to getting to know you as you come in for care.


Laura Hawley is amazing. I have been attending Open City Healing Arts for over a year now. I first came with lower back pain – and after my first visit, I felt a difference. My pain did not disappear immediately, but what I did experience was an amazing sense of calm and a zen-like feeling that I could cope with anything that was thrown my way. In the year that has followed, being treated by Laura has resulted in many fewer relapses of my back pain and an ongoing ability to stay calm in the face of crises! The treatment is gentle but extremely effective – and I always have a great laugh with Laura who has a fantastic sense of humour.
-Leonie Rynn

Laura was my first experience with acupuncture and I couldn’t be happier. She is truly a wise woman and healer. She has been able to help me with my uterine fibroids as well as daily stresses like street harassment. I thought periods were supposed to be painful and miserable before coming to her!
Laura explains all the treatments before you receive them and takes the time to have a chat before your appointment. It is a back/forth and collaborative experience that put me in charge of my own healthcare. I found it to be an empowering alternative to my experience with Western medicine. I have never floated out of a doctor’s office but I float out of Open City Arts every week.
-Aylor Brown