Regular Care for Excellent Results

fern “I get acupuncture even if there is nothing wrong with me?” asked a student in the Mindfulness class I am taking.  This brings up a common question.  We generally seek care when we don’t feel well, and not when we do.
Acupuncture works well to resolve acute issues – from Bell’s palsy to back spasm. Here’s an overview of the benefits of acupuncture from Johns Hopkins Medicine. Once acute symptoms have resolved, why would one put in the time and expense of returning for acupuncture? Why not wait until  a symptom flares up again?

Acupuncture works by moderating and balancing the body’s stress responses. An Open City patient put it this way:” I have been attending Open City Healing Arts for over a year now. I first came with lower back pain – and after my first visit, I felt a difference. My pain did not disappear immediately, but what I did experience was an amazing sense of calm and a zen-like feeling that I could cope with anything that was thrown my way. In the year that has followed, being treated by Laura has resulted in much fewer relapses of my back pain and an ongoing ability to stay calm in the face of crises.”

So come in for balance as well as for symptomatic relief.

Depending on the person’s state of health, coming in once a week, once every two weeks or once a month for acupuncture care is an excellent investment in your health and well being.  Talk to Laura and Heather about finding out what interval would serve you best.