Finding Stability in Times of Stress and Transition

Finding Stability in Times of Stress and Transition

Laura Hawley

“I feel calm, yet awake.”, a patient reports after an acupuncture treatment, sounding surprised that this is possible.

Many patients  report that they are better able to cope with the stress and anxiety of everyday life and the minor and major transitions we all face when they come in for regular acupuncture care. Many times we have patients come in a stressful time and find that acupuncture is a great resource for coping and self care.  Many times we see patients return saying “My partner said, ‘It’s time for you to go see Laura.’ or ‘Go see Heather, please!’” because the person was noticeably calmer and less reactive when getting regular acupuncture care.  Apparently, humans are not alone in this response.

Rats who got acupuncture showed fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression than stressed-out rats who didn’t get treatment

A study published in March 2013, in the Journal of Endocrinology,reveals the biology behind acupuncture’s beneficial effects on stress. The study examined the effect of acupuncture on rats subjected to the stress of exposure to cold for one hour a day for ten days.  Rats treated with acupuncture prior to the 10 day study period had significantly lower stress hormones (ACTH and cortisol) at the end of the 10 days than rats not treated with acupuncture.  Acupuncture helped the study rats to cope better with stress.
This may encourage you all to come in during this cold and rainy spring we are enjoying!  We hope to see you soon.  And as you chill out on the table, not a creature will be stirring, not even a mouse!