Celebrate with me – November 4th

Dear Open Citizens,
Open City is moving to support a new direction.    The focus of care offered at Open City now includes  psychotherapy, as well as acupuncture, and work that incorporates the two modalities. This past year has been a time for me to return to my roots in clinical social work as a way of understanding and supporting growth and balance in the people I treat.   This flexible way of working integrates the mind and body and lets me meet each person where they are.  I now see  some people for therapy, some for acupuncture and some for both.

Open City will stay open until November 10th in its current home.  After that, Open City will move to 255 S. 17th Street, suite 1503, seven blocks away near Rittenhouse Square.  Treatments will be provided there starting on Tuesday, November 15th.

In the new office Open Room appointments will be scheduled for Tuesday and Friday.  The fee for these visits will remain the same.  Private acupuncture and therapy patients will be scheduled primarily on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please contact me with your questions and responses.  And come to a celebration at the old office on November 4th from 5 to 7pm. We can say goodbye to the old office and toast new directions.

With gratitude,
Laura Hawley, LCSW, Lic Ac