Here’s what folks are saying about Open City Healing Arts:

“Laura Hawley has been my acupuncturist of choice for over a decade now. Whether I have sinus issues, chronic pain (back or joint), or just want a seasonal tune-up, I know I will feel better after seeing Laura. Through the years, she has approached my healing process with a variety of techniques, and I have witnessed her becoming a very seasoned practitioner. I can always count on a warm reception, a non-judgemental discussion of symptoms, and a very pleasant if not fun time of technique application. I recommend her practice wholeheartedly.”
– L.N., Patient

“I first went to Laura and Open City for chronic back problems that three chiropractors and two physical therapists still hadn’t fixed. After just three treatments? BACK PAIN NO MORE! I now visit Laura for other (less painful) matters, and look forward to every visit. The new community room at Open City is zen-fully clean, warm and peaceful … and it’s affordable even on my starving artist (trust me) budget.”
– K.A., Patient

“Laura was terrific. I had terrible muscle pain, and she spent 90 minutes with me giving me the treatment I needed to reduce the ache. I left feeling much better. I have had acupuncture before and can definitely tell she knows what she is doing. I’d strongly recommend her.”
– A. P., Patient

“Laura Hawley is a wonderful acupuncturist — she CURED my panic attacks and insomnia!   And her new “open city” practice, which makes it SO much more affordable, is great.  You can choose the open room, where you are treated in a lovely big space alongside up to three other patients, for a really affordable sliding fee, or if you are shy you can choose the private room at more traditional prices.  Laura is simply a brilliant genius and a healer par excellence!  I HIGHLY recommend.”
– BRS, Patient

“Laura Hawley treats her patients with an immense set of skills and a craftswoman like approach. She is truly an artist and a medical practitioner and this is why she is such a great healer.”
– E.F., Patient

“I had a tremendous and long-lasting boost in energy after coming to Laura for relief of Bell’s Palsy symptoms, which she resolved very quickly, in just a few sessions. The extra energy was a surprise added bonus at a time when I was beginning to suspect that I had chronic fatigue. I continue to see Laura, generally weekly, to maintain my new energy level, boost my immune system and relieve stress—those for me are the big three. When I come in, I say ‘I’ll have my usual!’ although sometimes we also work on occasional migraines and various other issues as they arise. That’s the beauty of acupuncture—it helps with so many conditions that regular treatments for me are a form of health insurance. And Laura’s treatments really are gentle and relaxing—often I fall asleep. Take it from someone who’s always been a big baby about needles—Laura says I was ‘Probably born a baby!’ (She’s funny, right?) She’s also warm, caring, soothing: a true healer.  It’s worth a trip to her convenient Center City oasis filled with lovely paper lanterns to see for yourself—like me, you may walk out feeling like a new person!”
– Rosa Michnya, Patient

“I can’t recommend Laura highly enough–she is a wonderful, gifted healer, she is very attentive and caring. She is professional and, no, the needles don’t hurt!”
– J.J., Patient

“Laura is a very gifted Acupuncturist,  knowledgeable and highly skilled.  Her technique is extremely good – I usually don’t even feel the needles as she places them – and I feel very safe and secure under her care.  Those attributes as well as how compassionate and sensitive she is – are so rare in healthcare practitioners.”
– W. S., Patient  

“Laura, the acupuncturist behind Open City Healing Arts, is completely exceptional. She’s so kind, welcoming, and attentive. Rather than other CSA (community supported acupuncture) clinic’s practice of the 5 minute chat, and then generally hitting some of the usual points, she will talk to you throughout the process, finding the exact points that have an impact on your problem. If I could give her 6 stars, I would. I recommend Laura to anyone who’s nervous about acupuncture as well. Her chipper mood and demeanor make you feel like you can tell her anything — very important if you need to talk about any old issues/injuries that might be uncomfortable to talk about with a stranger. Add to this that her location is so ridiculously convenient, and you’ve found your acupuncturist. She has ‘open room’ days (shared acupuncture room with other people who are generally asleep or otherwise don’t bother you if you don’t bother them) as well as a private practice. I can’t recommend her enough.”
– P.S., Patient

“I just had my first visit with Laura Hawley in her great new Open City Healing Arts space but have been fortunate to call Laura “my acupuncturist” for more than 10 years. During this time she has helped me with a variety of both chronic and acute conditions which have ranged from fatigue and anxiety, to flu and stomach viruses, to emotional upset and grief, and simply better maintaining balance and health in a fast-paced, stressful world. Through the expert use of acupuncture and herbs, Laura is professional and at the same time gentle, caring, compassionate, and very intuitive in her diagnoses and treatments of what is really happening in the body, mind and spirit. If you are looking for an acupuncturist and healer in Center City Philadelphia, I highly recommend Laura Hawley.”
– G.G., Patient

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